Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Petit Menagerie

The boys are a chip off the old block where animals are concerned.  If they had their way we would live in a slightly smaller version of Whipsnade Zoo.

Johnny Drama is particularly intent on having a pet(s) that he can call his own.

So last week, in an act of apparent desperation when his pleas were falling on deaf ears, he adopted a dragon fly.

A dead dragon fly.

Which he has called Colin.

Colin 'lives' in a Tupperware container next to JD's bed.  Colin is a huge fan of the bedtime story (apparently).  In my view, Colin is the only fan of the bedtime story, given that he is the only participant not interrupting every 2 seconds.

However.  Colin is lonely.

He desperately needs a companion.  A friend that he can play (dead?) with.  More specifically he needs to be best friends with a bee.

A dead bee of course.

Which will be called Phillip.

The bee must have died of natural causes (unlike Colin, who I think was inadvertently stepped on - but please don't say anything in JD's presence, because talk of his murder will not be tolerated in this house without the accompaniment of loud wailing and the beating of chests).

Luckily for us I think we have a bee hive in the depths of the run down shed in the garden.  Why they have decided to set up home in the only garden without a single petal/flower/plant is a little bewildering.

Obviously not the smartest of bees.

Here's hoping one of them commits hari kari on the patio someday soon.

Purely for Colin's sake, obviously.


  1. You let your boys have a dead dragon fly as a pet? You're all heart you aren't you? ;-)

  2. RIP Colin!
    My boys have started to ask about pets. I've had to inform them that a)I'm allergic to cats b) their dad is allergic to dogs and c)our tenancy agreement says no pets. I've promised them a hamster when we go back to England - mainly out of guilt.

  3. I used to long for a pet as a kid, used to capture butterflies and cry helplessly when they died. Have loads of pets now but boys aren't that bothered!

  4. Heh heh, once Miss M spent an age ohhhing and ahhhhing over a 'sleeping' ladybird on the stairs. I should have sent it over to drama boy. Then Colin could have had a lady friend. :D

  5. Well the cat should be almost due back home so that should sort out the pet longing nicely.

  6. This reminds me of a Monty Python sketch, about Eric the half-a-bee (he doesn't move very much). Try and find it on youtube if you can.