Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Art Of Positive Thinking

Captain Underpants, "Mum...I think it's going to rain..."

Me, "C'mon on now, Captain Underpants...let's think positive shall we?"

(Short pause)

Captain Underpants, "Okay mum.  I'm positive it's going to rain."


  1. he was probably more accurate than the usual forecasters

  2. He's hilarious. I suspect the BBC uses random interns to make up the weather forecast. The captain might want to apply...

  3. Hey - I have no email address for you but I want to arrange a time to meet up at Cybermummy. Can you get in touch with me via my blog? If you click on the second link in my most recent post it'll bring up my website with contact details. I've been really rubbish about organising anything for CM - haven't even looked at the agenda but I do want to meet you! So please get in touch. (hopefully sounding in no way stalker-ish)

  4. I love it, I'm always telling mine to think positive, it's bound to come back on me !

  5. Had missed this one, but now that we have met I will be following you henceforth.
    Love this positive attitude - hope it rubs off on you too my lovely!

    LCM x