Sunday, January 31, 2010

After All This Time

Funny how the universe works in conspiring to deliver what you've asked for...

No sooner than simply asking the question 'what the hell am I going to write about?' - I was asked to write a guest post for Pond Parleys.

And here it is....(and not a mention of ex's or Dr's in sight).  The subject is 'things we still haven't got used to after all this time living in another country'.  And if that's not enough to get you chomping on the bit and racing over there, let me just tell you that the main topic of conversation is....electrical sockets.

Hey - come back!  Where are you going?  No's worth a read - I promise!!

(Well, Mike's bit is anyway.)


  1. Hi, thought I'd write a comment here too - loved your post, interesting and funny. Thanks!