Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Update On the Man Front (should be a short post)

The Man I Left With A Kiss

He's the guy that I talked about here. Remember him? I do (vaguely). Oh, the kiss that held such promise of possible things (of a potentially R-rated nature) to come. The evening of talking and laughing while he looked at me with, what appeared to be, such interest. Following our date he sent a short text message on the day I left for the UK - 'have a terrific trip!' he said. Into which I read, 'can't wait to see you when you get back...' Which goes to prove that my powers of telepathy are really somewhat lacking and can't be trusted in any given situation but particularly those where members of the male species are involved.

Which is a very long-winded way of saying that I haven't heard from him since.

Nada. Zip. Zilch.

If anyone happens to know where the edge of the planet is maybe you can give me directions. Then I can go and peer into the Great Unknown and there he will be, lying on his back reminiscent of an upturned beetle with his arms and legs flailing helplessly. 'Oh, there you are,' I will say. 'Wondered where you had got to.'

Maybe one day he will right himself, manage to crawl back onto the planet, recover from his period of short-term-memory-loss and get in contact again.

Or maybe not.

Such a shame. That kiss really did hold promise.

Travel Man

Okay, so this is a situation where I really could get my knickers in a twist (except of course they were Magic Knickers and we all know how resilient those little buggers are).

In an effort not to beat about the (untrimmed) bush, I haven't heard a dickie bird from him either. Which really does make me question my talent for perceiving there to be a mutual connection when, in reality, it was just what I originally set it out to be - a One Night Stand.

Don't get me wrong - I wasn't under the mistaken impression that I had found my Soul Mate. But given how much I enjoyed his company and that we seemed to have much in common, I thought I had found a friend. Someone that I would be interested in getting to know a little better. Unfortunately I don't appear to have same allure. Can't think for the life of me why. A single mum to two unruly boys, who struggles with every day living, travels as far as the school and back on a good day and lives 4,000 miles away. What's not to like? How can he fail not to be intrigued in getting to know me better? With all these compelling attributes, plus bras with more air than your average blimp and a pair of magic knickers to boot, you'd think I would be beating this guy off with a stick...

On the positive side, it was a reassuring reminder that there are men out there that really embody the type of life I intend to live. Men who have a great work/life balance, combined with a passion for travel and philanthropic to boot. That is the life I was focused on creating before I met ex and I am not sure, on reflection, how I managed to stray so far from pursuing these desires. Time to get back on track.

Green Eyes

In a nutshell, haven't heard from him either. It's now nearly 2 weeks since he asked for my number and so I am assuming that he is yet another victim of the 'falling off the edge of the planet' syndrome.

And yes, I do have his number too. And no, I am not going to call him. This isn't down to a sense of false pride on my behalf, more self-preservation. If a guy is interested he will be in touch. For all my bewilderment where men are concerned, this much I do know.


So, what is it with these men? Or is it just me? I am obviously easy prey to a little bit of male attention, which smacks a little of desperation. And the last thing I want to be is the stereotypical divorcee, dating anyone who asks, shagging any male with a pulse.

So I guess for the time being it's just me and my boys (oh - and my battery operated companion).

It could be worse.


  1. Forget these 3, they're down in the abyss at the edge of the earth, with all the losers I thought were interested in me.
    Get on with life and you'll suddenly find Mr. I-the-man-for-you-not-necessarily-perfect-just-right, waiting to bump into you at your local Wholefoods or Trader Joes.
    And I'll remind you of that WHEN it happens!!!

  2. This happens to my sister a lot too, she is always left completely bewildered about where they've disappeared to or why they bothered to say they'd ring when they obviously weren't going to. Reminds me of an episode of Friends in which Chandler dates Rachel's boss and doesn't fancy going out again but keeps saying "I'll call you!" and then regretting it.

    Men are weird. Hang in there! You'll have fun in the process, at least. :-)

  3. Does the Man you kissed know you're back from the UK? Just a thought - he may be waiting to hear from you.

    At least you have some men on your radar - mine is only picking up small children and dogs. Not good.

  4. Have to say I have never waited to be called. If I want something (someone) I go get it. Only failed once (turned out the guy was already attached - oops). Boys are silly when it comes to relationships. As are men. If you really liked any of them, then call! Or do so next time.

    (That's my tuppenyworth, anyway.)

  5. Lulu - Well, I am hoping it will be Tesco's or Sainsburys myself but I get your drift. And I know you're right and look forward to the day you are telling me 'I told you so'

    Noble - Not quite sure I would describe this process as 'fun' exactly. It does feel as tho I am being found lacking - although in what departments I am not entirely sure. Wish I had the money to employ a research company to follow up on these numpties for me...

    NotSupermum - Well, he knew very well I was gone for 4 weeks and would be back in early August. Maybe he forgot. Which means he really isn't that bothered, doesn't it? Maybe I should just add a dog to the family equation and be done with it.

    Tasha - There were 2 men that I met late last year who I did call and follow up with, but they lost interest even quicker it seemed. And I just felt like a bit of a prat as a result. I have contemplated calling both Chicago guys, because I know I have nothing to lose. Guess I am not really sure they are worth the effort!

  6. What a thing to have to deal with on top of sorting out 2 small boys (and dealing with one larger, less manageable one, it's a shame they don't have a naughty step for grown-ups). Hope you find someone you like to have a laugh with soon! In the meantime, us blog readers will appreciate the stories. xx ps - I've never dated an American but other British friends of mine who have ventured into the dating scene over there say it is just all a bit weird...

  7. How about texting or emailing instead of calling? Lingering Kiss Man might be worth a follow-up. Though I love your picture of him as a beetle on its back so much that perhaps it is best just to leave him like that.

  8. Three?? How did you manage that? Where do you meet them?
    Sorry they've not worked out ...

  9. Fecking telepathy!!!! They all speak the same language, it's like a dog whistle, us females can't hear it.

    Feck it, it's been long enough now, text them!!! I know, I'm breaking my own rules, but nothing ventured etc etc.

    Big hug xx

    P.S. I'm sticking you down for Sept 14th, list will be posted shortly (as in when I've finished doing all the damn links on it that take forever!!)