Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Almost Don't Want To Chance Fate By Writing This...

....but it looks as though I am finally coming home.

After a long and arduous summer and a very tumultuous few months, it looks as though the wheels are in motion to move back to the UK.

Can it really be true?  I don't dare fully believe it myself.  But the fact is that I have found a compact and bijou house to rent in North London (well...more compact than bijou if truth be told) and Ex has agreed to move things forward by co-signing the lease with me and has ponied up the dosh for the deposit and first month's rent.  (Forgive all the slang but I am just trying to get back into the swing of things...need to refresh the lingo so I don't stick out like a sore thumb.  Innit.)

Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that the references come through to reflect our status as shining examples as prospective pillars of the community...or else the whole thing could easily go tits up.

But.  Assuming they don't.  Assuming the tits remain firmly in place, then the house will be rented from 1st November and I can start applying for schools, booking shipping and generally running around like a headless chicken coordinating all the logistical paraphernalia  necessary to move home at the end of December.

Fingers crossed for the tits then.

I had to heave a sigh of relief tonight, while eating a culinary masterpiece of fish fingers and mash with the boys.  To me, fish of any kind (but especially the grey, tasteless cast-offs that generally comprise your average fish finger) cannot truly be savoured without a liberal dousing of salad cream.  I know, I know...not everyone's choice of seafood dressing, but most definitely mine.  The same goes for jacket spuds (I almost said baked potato but managed to find the 'right words' just in time...see I'm getting the hang of this).  Anyway, I am down to my last thimble of salad cream - so really, the timing couldn't be more perfect.


  1. Fish fingers? Where do you get those over here?

    Glad things are moving on for you.

  2. Yes, assuming the tits stay in place and everything doesn't go arse up, I'm sooooo happy for you, you just can't imagine - well actually I think you can! My eyes are wet with happiness. I can't wait to write those very same words.

    I know so well, that feeling of not wanting to fully believe that it's happening. You feel you need to keep a reign on things, just so that if it doesn't happen, it won't be as devastating. The full joy of it all will come when you land back in the UK.

    I've got just over a year to go and already, I'm keeping a tight leash on everything, my emotions especially. The light at the end of the tunnel - I don't want to look straight at it in case there's a fucking train coming toward me.

    Many hugs.


  3. And while you are returning home, we are considering moving's hoping the tits stay firmly supported by a robust brassiere.

  4. Fish finger butties are a culinary delight. I bet even Jamie Oliver eats them.

    I'm keeping everythinc crossed for you, I hope everything goes well.

  5. @notSupermum I'm pretty sure Jamie advocates a fish finger sarnie with a healthy dollop of ketchup in one of his books.

    Fingers crossed the tits remain firm and strong! Hope to have you back on these shores before 2011 - and coming back is pretty nice.

  6. Good luck with the tits!

  7. We are SO looking forward to having you around the corner!!!
    Baited breath and fingers crossed.

  8. Salad cream? Oh dear. It's been way too long since I lived in England. Um, let's see...Ranch dressing, perhaps?

    I've missed seeing posts from you.

  9. Iota - yes, at last. Or is it? No. Sorry. I still can't bring myself to believe this is going to happen...

    Jo - love the remark about the train! it does feel totally bizarre to think this might happen. best not to think about it too much till it's truly signed and sealed. and I can't wait to read that it is your turn either

    HOM - thank you! the Victoria Secret's are out in force!

    notsupermum - thank you! and yes - fish finger butty! how could I have forgotten??

    Pants with names - it's only 11 weeks away IF it happens. If I think about it I get into such a state of excitement I almost pass out.

    MWA - CONGRATS on Charlie babe! Caught up on your blog last night - sorry for the absence!

    Lulu - we'll be sick of the sight of each other by Feb ;-))

    Teacher - I know. I'm back. Will be reading and commenting too. Have missed it but for some reason couldn't face writing/the blogging world this summer. Too much angst. And after I hadn't posted for a few weeks the thought of catching up seemed overwhelming. Silly eh?

  10. Hi there, have been away from your blog for a while - great to be back and glad it's good news with the latest post. Time to start watching East Enders and Corrie? As you say, better pick up the lingo again!

  11. I know I should be happy for you but....(sniff) who'll come to Monkey Island with me?

  12. EPM - Monkey WHAT? And N, so glad for you. Of course you did wait until I'd moved to Russia, but I won't hold that against you... Another playdate once we're back in the UK, then?

  13. Very pleased to hear this - my fingers are crossed that the tits remain firmly in the air. x

  14. See, I thought NVG was too much of a lady to say tits. Just shows you shouldn't make assumptions about someone just from reading their blog!

    Glad to hear everything is coming together for you but sort of hoping you'll still be in Chicago at the beginning of November.

  15. Fingers and toes crossed that all goes smoothly for you - I know how long you've been waiting for this!

  16. Footballers Knees - yep, time to move away from Real Housewives of NYC and reconnect with trash British tv! Thank heavens for episodes of Corrie posted on Youtube.

    Expat mum - well, there was a method to my madness in introducing you to other parents willing to chance the perils of Monkey Island!

    Potty Mummy - most definitely a UK playdate! Unless of course you want to risk inviting us to Moscow for a visit?!

    NVG - Thanks! No doubt you will hear ALL about it in November...

    Calif Lorna - Oh yes, can't wait for our November weekend - am looking forward to being a tourist for possibly the last time in Chicago

    Almost American - Hard to believe, now that the moment is actually in sight, that it's been over 2 years in coming. I appreciate the effort of your fingers and toes!

  17. You're just in time to sample new posh Heinz salad cream with lemon and black pepper! Welcome home I hope