Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Everything Falling Into Place Just As It Should

If I needed further evidence that the universe works in unusual ways (which I personally don't, but hey when it is working spectacularly in my favour a reminder is always appreciated) then this would be it.

My beloved Subversive Mum, who so kindly abandoned me just before Christmas to head back to England, called a couple of weeks ago.  Now this isn't by itself a jaw-dropping revelation, but her news is. She is relocating to New York.  In August.  Did I want to rent her 3-bed flat per chance?

Now this isn't just any old flat.  For a start, it is her flat, with essence of her madness creative genius and ill-defined greatness imbued in all its rooms and features.  But possibly more important (at least logistically), the flat is ideally located in a prime location in North London, just a 5 minute walk from the primary school I would really like the boys to go to.  PLUS, it offers me the great advantage of being able to secure a residential address in advance to start to process school applications.  AND I won't have to pony up any cash until I have it, which is likely to be nearer the time of the move.

"Oh there's another thing", she says.  "Would you like to have use of our car as well?  I can put you on the insurance so you have something to run around in at weekends, if you like?"

I really couldn't have a better solution drop into my lap, seemingly out of nowhere.  This is so serendipitous that mere fluke or coincidence doesn't really capture the incredible lifeline I have been thrown.


This means of course that Subversive Mum will not be there.

The ability to inhale the general fragrance of her freshly departed self, as well as having our dead skin cells intermingle on the carpet (until the Dyson makes its final meal of her), does have a certain appeal.  But I would much prefer to be inhaling her caffeine/alcohol imbued breath as we are exchanging cuss-words and discussing things of a most inappropriate nature, whilst successfully avoiding all the important things that we really should be getting on with.  That was the plan.  That was what I had been looking forward to.

So the news is the Dogs Bollocks.  It's amazing and fantastic and the sheer opportunity of it takes my breath away.  It offers the perfect solution to all of the things I have been losing sleep over and also reinforces, for me at least, that a move home this summer is exactly the right thing to do.

But it's also just...bollocks because this fortuitous event has a price and, as far as I'm concerned, it's a pretty high one.  Oh Universe - couldn't you have persuaded her next door neighbour to emigrate and rent me her flat instead?  Would that have been beyond your capabilities?

Of course, this is life unravelling just as it should.  Subversive Mum is nervous about her move too - odd to think we are replicating experiences at the same time and at least we can support each other through it.  "Maybe this is why we met and became such great friends in the first place.  Maybe this was part of the bigger picture all along and we just didn't know it." SM muses.

I think she is right and I know I am being selfish wanting to have her flat, but with her still in it (and not just the life size, autographed cardboard cut-out that she's promised).  Oh well.  At least there is Skype.  And texting.  And telephone tag (which we seem to be doing a lot of lately...hey!  S'up bitch?  Call me!)


  1. The universe does have a way about it. It sucks not having your friend around, though.

    I've experienced it myself, when my (now) husband's parents moved to Belgium when us Belgians were living in Scotland, causing us to find each other.

  2. Mind you, the way she flits around you'll be back together in no time.

  3. It's fantastic to have the house and car sorted, that must be such a relief. As for your friend, yes, I am sure will miss her but hopefully it won't be for too long (although long enough for your boys to get into the school!) . Life's just like that - one of my best friends moved from the US to Dubai just as I was moving here....

  4. A classic life promise you the world and then make it on life's terms. Grrrrr. But great news about the flat. Were you always thinking of North London?

  5. Goodness, a flat and a car - that's so fortunate. At least now you'll have somewhere to stay in New York as well!

  6. If the universe is working as it should be, more bits will fall into place soon. It sounds like an ideal solution.

  7. That's called divine intervention, God has suddenly remembered you! Mind you he's taken his time hasn't he?

    I'm pleased for you, things could be looking up.

  8. Duh, Nicola. The universe is telling you to move to New York.

  9. Oh no, please don't suggest that Iota, I've been waiting too long for Nicola to follow me back to London and naturally, I'm really excited that its actually, almost about to happen.
    x jo

  10. MWA - I know - it's like a double edged sword. Strange to think that most of our friendship will be conducted living on separate continents.

    Expat - oh, you know her too? yes she is a bit of a flighty ol' tart ;-))

    NVG - I know, it is fantastic. Now all I need is for all my other friends and family to tell me that they are buggering off too...that would not be amusing.

    Fraught Mummy - I decided on N London last year. My parents live in Essex, so I thought about living near them but ex was adamant that he would never live there. I have another good friend in N London, so spent time with her last summer. It is in an area where ex used to work when we first met and I know he would consider living there much more favourably - I hope that we do end up living in the same area, for the boys' sake. And I am excited about going somewhere a little bit familiar but predominantly new. I love the adventure of exploring a new place to live and this area would be handy if I am ever working back in London again.

    Calif Lorna - Yes! A New York pad! Hadn't thought of that!

    Hullaballoo - it is ideal, for both of us. We are both getting very excited but it is tinged with a little bit of regret too.

    NotSupermum - Thanks, yes, things are definitely looking up.

    Iota - HA HA HA HA HA!

    Lulu - We will be neighbours in just 4.5 months and counting. Shit. that's not long now, is it??

  11. sounds like a brilliant solution. And her moving to NYC just gives you a chance to return for shopping trips. See. Perfect

  12. Great news even if tainted slightly by her leaving. x