Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wordless Tuesday

Well I guess it's not bad for 20 minutes work.  Maybe I have a chance of redeeming myself in the parenting department for 2009 afterall.

Are you watching, Santa??


  1. Dear Nicola

    FANTASTIC snowman, well done you. Mr C said that we had "the wrong kind of snow" - too powdery, apparently. I thought that sounded like an absolute crock of bollox, a real British Rail gem. Anyway. Thought you might like to know that I have just consumed 5 mince pies. I even ate some raw pastry. urrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel SICK. I amn sorry that you are missing your great friend (LOVED clean cock/dirty cock) and that you are feeling a bit "Last Christmas" and wistful. Very emotional time of year, this xxxx

  2. ps dear little boys, btw - absolute sweeties x

  3. You put me to shame. It's been snowing for days and we haven't even been sledging. Great work!

  4. Awesome snowman! None here though as not wrong snow but no boys as they are with Granny nad Grandpa...do I wish them back - by 'eck I do! Roll on Christmas!

  5. Fantastic snowman, gorgeous boys and last but not least, a most excellent mother!!!
    (Take note whoever is keeping a tally in the Parenting Dept.)

  6. Cassandra - Ooh, hope you are feeling a little less nauseous! Yes, SM and I spent many a productive hour playing clean cock/dirty cock...you must try it some time! And thank you for your lovely comment...more emotional updates to follow no doubt.

    Justsomethoughts - Yes - and that was without any assistance. The boys were far too busy burying their favourite toys in the snow, never to be seen again. Tho they were happy to pose for the camera and take all the credit. Truly their mother's sons!

    Hullabaloo - yes, this is my role in life, to put all other mothers to shame...NOT!!!

    Tattie Weasle - hope there's some snow left by the time the boys return

    Lulu - me thinks you are just maybe, slightly, a tad...biased maybe?

  7. Very impressive - sorry I've been a bit quiet - hope all good with you and have a great Xmas Lxx

  8. Me???
    No, never!!!!
    If you can't tell the truth at Christmas, when can you?