Friday, September 11, 2009

A Reason For Celebration - Today of All Days

Hey you

Yep, you - little guy with the tousled hair and permanent scabs on your knees.

Bring those big blue eyes - which explode with light and reveal the purity of your deepest thoughts - over here. Come here and wrap your wiry, long limbs around me. I need to nestle my nose into the nape of your neck and inhale the sweet unmistakable smell of you. Reverently stroke your skin, as soft as gently worn suede and with the impossible iridescence of a deep water pearl.

How did you get to be so big? Grow so strong? What happened to my tiny, 3lb cone-headed new-born - so fragile, yet already so resilient? There has always been a calm certainty about you, a sense that you already know, understand and appreciate far more about the world than I ever will. Guiding me as a mother each and every day. With love and patience, tolerance and generosity. Successfully taming my temper, provoking laughter, creating love, bringing me joy.

I am inspired by your thoughtfulness. Your inately caring nature. Your naturally tendency to share and be mindful of others. Are you sure you're my child?

You are magnificent, my gorgeous boy. Endlessly imaginative, forever intuitive, loving to a fault, playfully affectionate, independently resourceful.

You are my pride and joy.

Happy 6th Birthday Captain Underpants.

May you always want to run around in your underpants, towel secured safely around your neck as a cape, saving the world.

Yes, of course you can go back and play now. And sorry for squeezing you too tight and going a little overboard on the kisses - I know I have a tendency to do that. I just can't help it.


  1. I loved this.

    Captain Underpants sounds very precious. You are blessed to have him. (And he's blessed to have you!) x

  2. This brought a tear to my eyes.

    He sounds a lovely lovely child. And you're a lovely lovely mother.

  3. He is a lovely boy with a lovely mother.
    I'm sorry we weren't there to share the day with you.
    Missing you loads.

  4. I hope your son had a great birthday, what a week you've had full of anniversaries. I hope you are ok? Take care.

  5. Happy Birthday Captain Underpants!! Beautiful post x

  6. Aw, happy birthday to the little guy. You are blessed.

  7. Isn't 6 a great age? Mine turned 6 earlier in the summer. They're big enough to have quite good conversations with but you can still kiss and cuddle, and they're still cute when they're asleep!

  8. Happy Birthday! But can I say running around in underpants gets less cute after 45.

  9. 'Stop kissin' that behbeh'

    Or maybe not. Who can resist skin as soft as gently worn suede...

    Lovely description of your beautiful 6(?!) year old boy x

  10. Ahhh, I love this. What a fabulous testament to your boy. Beautifully written. Award for you at mine. Enjoy!

  11. mumplustwo - I am blessed. Thank you

    Iota - oh come on now...don't get all emotional on me! As for being a lovely mother - I have my moments. Shame they're few and far between!

    Lulu - Miss you too gorgeous

    Chic Mum - yep, Sept is a busy time for anniversaries for us. I'm hanging on in there :-)

    Josie - glad you liked it!

    Mindymom - Thank you!

    Expat - This is a fabulous age. So much better than 4 I am finding (counting the days till JD turns 6)

    MWA - Oh I don't know. I have just met a man who is 44 and I quite fancy seeing him run around in his underpants! Probably not at Tescos admittedly.

    Kabbalah - NEVER gonna stop kissing 'behbeh'!!!

    Hotcrossmum - Thank you so much for my award! I love the zombie chicken (that really captures my life right now in a nutshell!)

  12. Happy Birthday Cpt. Underpants. You sound FAB!