Tuesday, February 3, 2009

From One Mother to Another

I was meant to be out tonight. Nothing majorly exciting. Which became even less exciting when ex got caught in a late meeting and wasn't able to come over to 'babysit'. I wasn't devastated. It was seriously cold outside and all the internal emotional drama of the past 24 hours had left me feeling a little wiped.

I'd had the most lovely evening with Captain Underpants and Johnny Drama - which I feel I owe in part to More Than Just a Mother, because after reading her lovely post today I felt so connected and peaceful with my boys. Bath and bedtime was almost dreamlike. It wouldn't have been outside the realms of reality for a sappy Hallmark Movie director to have leapt out from behind the humidifier at any moment yelling 'that's it - keep it going, lovely, lovely, more smiley eye contact, okay boys just a few more giggles please, snuggle just a little bit closer...one more butterfly kiss - perfect! And....CUT!'

(As an aside, how lovely is this....Captain Underpants told me in all seriousness that 'I love you so much mama that my heart could float right out of my body. I love everyone in the whole wide world. Even in Engerland'. Johnny Drama, not to be left out of the love fest added 'And I love you. And all my family. And even all of my friends - big pause - And dragons.')

We just had one of those evenings together that make EVERYTHING worth it.

So I curled up on the sofa feeling all gooey and smiley, looking forward to an evening of sap on the tv. I got a little more than I bargained for. Have you seen the movie The Waitress? Fantastic movie, which I have actually seen several times. If you haven't seen it then you really must. (If nothing else you will get great ideas for pie recipes but you're likely to get so, so much more.) The movie stars Keri Russell and was written, directed by and co-starred actress Adrienne Shelly, who plays ditzy waitress Dawn. The movie is funny, insightful and delightfully unique - a reflection of this woman's talent, perception and humour...and her deep understanding of a mother's love. Unfortunately, Adrienne (the mother of a 3 yr old daughter) was murdered, before the movie was released, by an intruder and never got to experience the films success.

It makes me all the more grateful for days like today and for simply being alive to hear how my son's heart floats out of his body with love for me. I can't describe what it does to my heart - there are no words.

Thanks More Than Just A Mother. And thank you Adrienne. From one mother to another.


  1. Oh my dear darling sister... wish I had been there to share the love - although you've written this so well I can picture it as though I was there. Nice to know that I am loved by Captain Underpants (ref: 'even in Engerland') and Johnny Drama (ref: 'And Dragons')...

  2. Love this post! Capt'n Underpants!! A stroke of genius. And Johnny Drama? brilliant.

  3. Aye up, forgot to mention the new layout! Very nice.

  4. What a lovely read.

    I enjoyed the movie Waitress - how could anyone fail to? I loved hearing the word 'pie' spoken softly and lingeringly as 'pah' over and over.

  5. Kabbalah Rookie - glad you are able to decipher the boys' code when they speak about how much they love you. Other code words include 'ice cream' 'star wars' 'Dashiell' and 'Auntie Deborah'.

    Supermum - They are the boys real nicknames - which just seemed so appropriate to use! And I guess the change of layout after less than 2 weeks of writing a blog gives you an insight into my fickle nature... x

    Iota - thank you! and you are so right. I could entertain having an American accent for that one word alone.

  6. That's such a beautiful post, and I am deeply flattered to have played a part in your happy family episode :)